Why enterprise mentoring is important

The Prince’s Initiative believe that mentoring is a fantastic way to aid successful business creation by the over 50s.

As such, we offer mentoring programmes to Clients who have attended one of our courses and are ready to take the next step on their business journey. Working with Mentorsme we try and match the over 50 entrepreneur with a mentor whose skills and experience are best suited to help the mentee with their business.

Ultimately, mentoring offers new entrepreneurs over the age of 50 a guide; mentors share their knowledge and business experience to support the successful business creation by their over 50 mentee.

We believe mentoring offers a unique and informative experience for our Clients – if you have a gap in your knowledge or experience, then mentoring could work very well for you. For example, you may have a great idea for a business but need a bit of guidance to turn it into a successful venture.

Here are just a few of the benefits that a mentor may provide to budding entrepreneurs:

  • guidance on developing and improving your business
  • help with difficult decisions
  • ideas for new products or services, or ways of working
  • access to a network of contacts with other people

An enterprise mentor can also help you to:

  • develop key business skills
  • improve your problem solving abilities
  • build confidence
  • work on your personal development


This is what some of our Clients have said about mentoring:

“My mentor was a fantastic sounding board to bounce ideas off – it was great to have someone  there to talk through ideas and decisions with. The Prince’s Initiative matched me with just the right sort of mentor with the right attitude – he wasn’t going to make decision for me but was going to help me realise what the decision might be. I couldn’t recommend the mentoring programme more highly” Steve Waters, Founder of Engage

For more information about mentoring, contact Please note that if you want a direct relationship with a mentor you would need to attend one of our mentor clinics, which are listed on our events page.