Give with Confidence

FRSB LOGO - FundraisingGive with Confidence is a self-regulation scheme for charities that are registered and raise funds in the UK. It is run by the Fundraising Standards Board and aims to protect donors and encourage best practice in fundraising.

There are 169,000 charities in England and Wales, but only 1,300 have signed up to the scheme.

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We want you to feel confident that your money is helping the over 50s become self-employed. Head of Fundraising, Georgie Nelson, explains why being part of  ”Give with Confidence” is so important,

“If you have never heard of The Prince’s Initiative before, our donors need to feel confident and trusting in who and what they are giving their money to.  By being associated with FSB, and part of Give with Confidence, our supporters can be safe in the knowledge that The Prince’s Initiative is an established, professional and recognised organisation.”



The Institute of Fundraising is the professional membership body for UK fundraising.  By being an Organisational Member we demonstrate our commitment to achieving the highest standards of fundraising practice and support the long-term aims of the Institute.



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