Give Shares

Why would you give The Prince’s Initiative shares? 

There are quite a few reasons that this might suit you in donating to us.  It’s tax effective. It makes great use of windfall shares from a privatisation or demutualisation, or small amounts of shares.

Are there any tax benefits?

You can claim income tax relief on the value of most shares, equal to the market value of the shares on the day you make the gift, together with any associated costs such as broker’s fees.

So if you donate £1,000 worth of shares, you’ll pay £400 less in income tax that year if you’re a high rate taxpayer, and £220 less if you pay the basic rate.

Also, you will not have to pay capital gains tax (CGT) on any increase in the value of shares since you bought them.

How to donate your shares to The Prince’s Initiative.

All you need to do is get a stock transfer form from the Register of the company in which you have shares. The Register’s name should be written at the bottom of your share certificate.

Then complete the form and send it, together with the share certificate, to The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise, 1-6 Tavis House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9NA