Why Self-Employment

“There’s something so motivating about being your own boss, it’s fabulous having ownership of something, and the ability to make top level decisions.”

Lynn Larman, 60 years old, West Midlands, Founder and Director of Face2case


We are all living longer and need to finance ourselves later in life, but with 3.5 million people over the age of 50 who are economically inactive and many more worrying about redundancy, workers over 50yrs old need to think about other ways to finance themselves and generate social and personal fulfilment.  Self-employment provides a very viable solution.

What self-employment can offer you:

Financial independence

The chance to use all the skills built up over a lifetime of working

Flexible working hours

The opportunity to rise to a new challenge

Personal development and motivation

A way to combat social isolation and ill health borne out of unemployment

The chance to achieve a certain lifestyle choice

Setting up a business is challenging but many of our Clients find that the benefits of self-employment are endless. We exist to support over 50s who are interested in exploring the option of self-employment. We have a wealth of resources to help you on your journey, such as courses and online resources.

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